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Sunday, March 3, 2019

[Reddit Story] I launched an Amazon Product and did $3300 in sales without a course in 30 days and you should too.

March 03, 2019 Posted by Aman Dwivedi No comments

Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I know for active sellers $3300 may be nothing but to someone who was making near minimum wage and turned a profit (roughly $1000) on this it is substantial. I want to overview roughly my timeline of the whole process and just a few tips on Amazon.
 In April I started my venture into Amazon, spent about 4-5 hours a day doing product research, ended up picking a high competition WITH a name brand being the dominant seller. 
(Tip #1 Stop looking for the golden less than 2 oz no competition, no high reviews, no name brand product; not because they don't exist but because everytime you do assume atleast 10 other people have found it and will be actively replicating it.) Then came contacting suppliers for my product, took about a month to go through negotiations and narrowing down the supplier I wanted to worth with. 
(Tip #2 learned from Kevin David, use (domestic alibaba) to leverage the true wholesales prices against your supplier, I knocked my quote down 25% this way.
Final step, setting up my listing and optimizing it. Product photos; I just used my cellphone and made a lightbox and made some pretty great photos because I saw all these professional product photography gigs from $250-500, 
(Tip #3 for product photography you can get professional photos done by people on fiverr from $5-50 for nice photos, pay for them that way it'll be better than a homemade light box for a respectable price.) Description tips; try studying basic psychology if you aren't familiar, cliche cheesy techniques can work very well such as ending in .95 or .99 and exclaiming ADD to cart now! or utilizing social proofs through models in your photos (if applicable).
I'm just saying there's alot of cynicism about ecommerce and specifically Amazon which is valid from all these people marketing worthless courses (not all are bad but alot are). If you have close to $2k and aren't making a killing you should try it out. Even if you are making money it is such a high growth business.
Anyways, long post, if anyone has any questions let me know. Also I did start a youtube channel yesterday to make videos outlining the processes and nitty gritty that many people get caught on with Amazon. If this post has helped at all I'd appreciate a sub, (I will have multiple videos posted in a few days)
edit: removing the youtube link I didn't want that to be the main focus of this.
I just really really think for those who have lurked or are unsure about Amazon it is a truly profitable and amazing side or full-time business. It really becomes passive income once you have set your product up and have your inventory at Amazon
second edit: Because I am getting asked a decent amount heres my channel link, again I only have 1 video but my channels only a day old and I WILL be adding videos and my objective is 100% transparency while showing others how to make money on Amazon and Ecomm.


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