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Monday, March 4, 2019

[Guide] Social Media Marketing : How to start?

March 04, 2019 Posted by Aman Dwivedi No comments

Being a freelance social media manager, I want to share my learning and experience. Starting your career in SMM is a good way to start something of your own. But first, why Social media management?
  1. Almost every business is on social media. So, both demand and market are huge.
  2. Internet is a great enabler. So, you can run this business from any part of the world. Your office can be your bedroom or sunny beach in Bali.
How to start your career in SMM:
  1. Understand and Build your Customer Base: To start with, you need to go out and meet small business owners. Approach businesses to see what they are currently doing in terms of marketing and whether you can help them handle their marketing efforts online. They can be a coffees shop owner, restaurants or any business because all of them needs social media management. You can also go for freelance projects on sites like freelancer and upwork.
  2. Learn about basics of marketing:
  • Important Marketing Terms
  • Different advertising tools these social media platforms provide
  • Key Metrics that should track for any social media campaign
  • Learn to define person or target audience. If Coffee Shop is your client, what kind of tweets or posts it will send out to attract attention of prospective customers.
  • Have knowledge of useful Social Media Tools
  • Follow top social media influencers
About pricing: If you are a fresher in smm, try to get some genuine reviews and testimonial first. Initially, you have to set the cost of your service per month less than $200. My first customer was my friend and I managed his restaurant social media account for free. Then I started approaching local businesses and ask for $100-$200, depending on their industry and number of social media accounts.


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