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Monday, March 4, 2019

Top 5 Instagram Marketers

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Gary Vaynerchuk is an all-rounder and godfather of Social Media Marketing. He has been around for quite some time now. His main focus is consistency. With up to 3 posts a day (morning, afternoon, and night) he keeps his viewers interested and continues his IG growth.
2. @smexaminer
Michael Stelzner and his company Social Media Examiner helped me out big time. He showed me the actual opportunities of Social Media Marketing. He is also recommended by Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee).
3. @pocarles
Pierre-Olivier Carles is another all-rounder. With his authentic ideas and content, he helps out celebrities and helps build brand loyalty.
4. @suebzimmerman
I feel like Zimmerman has really taken off in the last 6 month or so. With her other page @theinstagramexpert she helps out IG pages a lot. Her page was really helpful in assisting me with growing my own IG page and marketing itself to help my business stand out.
5. @mari_smith
Developing an Ad strategy without any knowledge can be hard sometimes. With her Facebook Marketing Tips, I was able to successfully advertise my company to a new reach of people.
In my opinion, all of these marketers are good at showing you opportunities you haven't seen yet and help you to see out of the box. The problem with so many good information is that many people lead to only go through them and not take any action on what information they give you.

6 Best Social Media Marketing Tools.

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With continuous and rapid changes in social media trends, 2019 is more of a daunting challenge for social media agencies. In addition, continuous tweaks in the algorithms of the social media sites are also increasing the difficulty for marketing agencies.
We are compiling a list of social media marketing tools that will help your social media agency to improve your team’s performance and get award-winning results for your clients.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great tool to find the content in your niche that sees the most social network shares, analyze your competition and understand your audience. Moreover, it is also a great source for gaining information over influencers of any desired industry.  BuzzSumo helps you in following 3 ways:
  • Content Research:

Content Research is one of my favorite functionality of Buzzsumo. You can find top performing content by entering keyword/phrase or the website URL to know the top performing content of that particular website. Through Question Analyzer, you will be able to get all the questions related to the phrase you have entered. Trending Now gives all the news compiled according to different categories like country, sports, tech, fashion, marketing and so on.
social media content curation
Backlinks section is used to get all the backlinks related to the entered URL(website) sorted according to the most shared social network.
social media marketing tools
  • Influencers:

You can also use BuzzSumo to find the particular influencers and brand ambassadors of a specific industry. Detail report of these influencers also includes retweet and reply ratio. These metrics help to understand the activeness and response of influencers for their followers.
social media planner
    • Monitoring:

  • Monitoring helps to track your brand mentions, the impact of your competitors content, who is linking to you and monitor your progress over time. You can also set a daily email alert to keep an eye on the contents mentioning your brand.
social media automation tools

2. Smm.AI

Social media marketing requires professionals to perform a vast amount of research. To pinpoint what makes for the best post or how to increase engagement. Every day, as a social media marketer and agency, you have to spend 2-3 hours daily on researching and curating content to post and find hashtags or keywords to target. This task not only takes time but is also monotonous & non-standardized (varies from person to person). And if you are managing social media accounts of 100s of customers, it becomes close to impossible to provide quality. This is where SMM.AI comes in. It helps you curate 100s of custom social media plans for your customers in minutes.
social media curator
Through Smm.AI you can send your customer an email with a curated social media plan for the day. SMM.AI provides you a platform (powered by trained AI machines) that perform this repeatable research (& evaluate) tasks for you. And as an end result, you get an actionable social media plan delivered to your customer’s inbox. Your inputs & crawled data will train SMM.AI machines to generate data-driven plans for you. You can also schedule your emails according to your customers’ time zone.
Smm.AI is a simple to use social media marketing tool and involves fewer steps. You just have to add customers and provide enrichment. Smm.AI’s system will curate the content for your customers, including all the best performing content on different social networks. It also shows all the important hashtags your customer’s competitors using regularly. So, this competition insights can really help you differentiate yourself from other agencies in the market.
social media planner
In the nutshell, SMM.AI will help you increase your agency’s revenue by expanding your service portfolio and allowing you to serve hundreds of customers with fairly small human involvement.

3. Canva

The Fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. One aspect that is most common among all of these is that you can post visuals like image and video on them. On Twitter and Facebook where you can post various types of updates; images perform the best and have the highest engagement rate.

Visual Content Statistics:

1. 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, with blogging in second. [Source]
2. 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. Video (63%), alone, has also surpassed blogging (60%) in usage as a social media marketing asset. [Source]
3. When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. [Source]
This is why to execute a successful visual social media strategy you need to be posting visuals. 
social media content curator
Canva is a very handy graphic designing online tool with pre-made templates for all social networks and marketing collaterals. It is super simple and straightforward for non-designers to create impressive images.
It has some of the best elements of photoshop and drag-and-drop functionality. You get to choose from many beautiful layouts, fonts, and backgrounds. Optimize the size of the images according to the social platform you need to use the design for. Also, you will also get different and specific set of templates category, according to the required social network. And, if you face any problems, there are free tutorials of canva to help you design better graphics.
Here is a tutorial on creating simple infographics with Canva.
You can also use Pablo to create beautiful images for social media sharing and collaterals. Pablo has its own database of royalty free stock images which you can use to create compelling posts.

4. Followerwonk

Life of a tweet on twitter is roughly 18 minutes. And you can not expect your customers to daily search for your updates on their home timeline. To make your follower daily updated with your content, you have to analyze your follower’s behavior. Understanding your followers’ behavior sums up as gaining information over the followers most active time, demography, region and other important categories.
Followerwonk will let you dig deeper into Twitter analytics. It answers all the questions like: Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet?. You can also compare multiple twitter users to find overlaps and new customers.
social media curator
Followerwonk has an awesome functionality of giving most active hours of your followers against time. This helps to understand followers behavior.
social media marketing tools 

5. RiteTag

In today’s world of social media, users can quickly get bored by information overload. Using hashtags makes it easy to cut through all the digital noise and focus only on the information we really want. Hashtags are typically used on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. An industry-related hashtag will help you reach your target audience and connect you with your industry. Hashtags can be used to identify your products, services or communications.

Are Hashtags Effective?

Yes! Using hashtags puts relevant information at your fingertips, allowing you to spend less time searching for information. Spend just a few minutes researching popular hashtags and you’re sure to find what works for you.
Ritetag is the best tool if you are starting fresh and looking for hashtags in a new category(domain). It gives you instant hashtag suggestions for any image or text on desktop and mobile. Ritetag is based on real-time hashtag engagement and gives details on reach, retweet, and impressions.
smm planner
Ritetag gives a list of all hashtags related to your search query. Moreover, it provides a hashtag map which can be used to get a quick idea about other related hashtags. WithRiteTag, you can get instant feedback on your hashtags and get recommendations of hashtags not to use.
smm planner
Tweetreach can also be used for hashtag analytics or “snapshots” as they’re called within this system.

6. Biteable

Videos have already gained more momentum as marketers are now moving from blogging towards the video content methodology. Also, Video (63%), alone, has also surpassed blogging (60%) as a social media marketing asset. [Source] According to Vidyard[Source], on average, businesses are creating 18 new videos per month.
Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot concurs that he believes 50% of a company’s overall content marketing initiatives should be in a video.
Biteable is a beautiful and simple to use online video maker that provides built-in visual and animation library. Users get free Shutterstock clips and animations from Biteable studio. These free templates are easy to edit and can be changed into stunning videos.
With a large library of free video templates, quality images, and soundtracks, you can easily make your DIY videos in a few minutes.  editing a pre-made video template or creating your own video from scratch. All of these can be done using basic drag and drop feature.
social media planner
Companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Shopify use Biteable to create stunning and professional slideshows, explainer, presentations, social media ads and more.
Animaker is also an awesome tool for animated video creation. It allows users to create animated videos using pre-built characters and templates.
So, this was the list of some of our favorite social media marketing tools that social media agencies can use to make 2019 even more successful. If you know any software products or services that can be added to this list, please feel free to share that with us in comment’s section.

[Guide] Social Media Marketing : How to start?

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Being a freelance social media manager, I want to share my learning and experience. Starting your career in SMM is a good way to start something of your own. But first, why Social media management?
  1. Almost every business is on social media. So, both demand and market are huge.
  2. Internet is a great enabler. So, you can run this business from any part of the world. Your office can be your bedroom or sunny beach in Bali.
How to start your career in SMM:
  1. Understand and Build your Customer Base: To start with, you need to go out and meet small business owners. Approach businesses to see what they are currently doing in terms of marketing and whether you can help them handle their marketing efforts online. They can be a coffees shop owner, restaurants or any business because all of them needs social media management. You can also go for freelance projects on sites like freelancer and upwork.
  2. Learn about basics of marketing:
  • Important Marketing Terms
  • Different advertising tools these social media platforms provide
  • Key Metrics that should track for any social media campaign
  • Learn to define person or target audience. If Coffee Shop is your client, what kind of tweets or posts it will send out to attract attention of prospective customers.
  • Have knowledge of useful Social Media Tools
  • Follow top social media influencers
About pricing: If you are a fresher in smm, try to get some genuine reviews and testimonial first. Initially, you have to set the cost of your service per month less than $200. My first customer was my friend and I managed his restaurant social media account for free. Then I started approaching local businesses and ask for $100-$200, depending on their industry and number of social media accounts.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Easy Way To Make Viral Content [Guide #3]

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We are continuing our "Viral Content" guide ....

Expert Opinion 

Post The next post type is the ‘expert opinion post’, and this is another one that you can outsource. Again you’re borrowing the authority of other people, so you go out and find interesting quotes, compile them together and list them on the page as advice from industry experts.

So you take a problem, and then list solutions in the form of expert advice, just a sentence or two, a short quote from authority figures. You can also turn this into an infographic. Either way, you’re going to get a nice supply of traffic and promotion.

And the experts you feature might mention it on social media too. It’s a great way to get traffic.

Roundup Post 

Next, we have the ‘roundup post’, so with this one you ask a single question to a small number of people. For example, you could go out and ask four gardeners ‘what’s the best way to grow awesome tomatoes?’, and then you pull their answers together and turn it into a blog post.

I’ll give you a good example of this with Ike Paz… on his blog ‘Internet Marketing Gym’ he did something similar. So look at this, and here you can see that he just asked nine experts how they get traffic to their websites.

Simple question right, but awesome results for Ike because everybody gave a different answer. And then I think almost everybody he asked went out and shared this post with their audiences. It’s very powerful.

Curated Post

Now we have the ‘curated post’ type. So you go out and you curate lots of different content and pull it all into one single post. So you might want to go find some videos to embed, maybe infographics, images, and you pull it all into one post and summarize everything, and link back to the source.

These are big long posts, and most of the content is curated. If you’re going to use images, make sure you have permission to use them. Video Stills Post And then we have the ‘Video stills post’, So go on Youtube and find a very popular video, find a viral video in your niche, and then take a series of still images from the video and summarize all the steps in the video.

This works really well for how-to videos. So you find a VERY popular video in your niche, you play the video and take a snapshot of the video at each stage of the tutorial, and then you write about each of those stages.

Don’t forget to link to the original video or embed it above or below the written part. I said that I’d give you seven types of blog post to use, but I’m not, I’m actually going to give you one more bonus type, so in total, you’ve now got 8 types of blog post to drive viral traffic to your site.

List Post 

So now for the last one, number 8, which is the ‘list post’ type. These are big posts and they increase your click through rates, they increase the scroll rate, they increase the amount of time someone spends on the page because they’re long lists of high quality, engaging content. So let’s find out how to make one these posts.

You’re going to curate a bunch of great content together into a list on your blog. The content you choose to list has to be viral though, so its stuff that you already know is proven to work. So how do you find viral content? We use a website called

Now BuzzSumo does cost money to use it fully, but they do have a free version so you can get started with that and upgrade if you’re using it a lot. So you can type in any keyword and then find a list of vital content that’s already working, so you can see what content is being shared on social media.

You’ll want to include a lot of the content you find here and put it into your list post. You can use BuzzSumo to track down the most viral stuff and then curate that into your blog post. I’ll give you an example here if we type in something like… ‘grow tomatoes’, you’ll see a list of the best performing stuff with those keywords – and this is the stuff you’ll take and curate into your post.

So you’re not doing any serious research, you’re not doing anything that requires a serious amount of time or investigation, you’re just looking for what works, and then sharing it.

You can also search by content type with this too, so if you just want to use infographics or videos, you can find them easily.

Or you can create a hybrid, a mix of post types on these big lists, so you can throw in reaction posts, quote posts, you can really mix things up and have a unique style for each of these list posts. And they can all be outsourced too if you want to take that route.

The Easy Way To Make Viral Content [Guide #2]

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So now you’ve seen what’s possible, even with run of the mill types of posts, let’s go ahead and see WHAT you need to do in order to create outstanding viral content for your blog, then I’ll show you HOW to do it.

And I’ll give you some handy shortcuts so you don’t have spend hours writing. I’m going to give you the 7 types of blog post that you can use to draw in viral traffic.

And this is also great when you’re stuck for ideas and looking for something to write about because I know lots of people want to start blogging but they feel confused about the whole traffic thing, so don’t worry that’s perfectly normal. I know there’s probably a million questions running through your head right now, so let’s knuckle down see what kind of posts work best.

Reaction Post

Right, the first type of post we’re going to look at is called the ‘reaction post’, these are really quick to make and usually do better than the stuff that you spend hours working on.

You find a popular infographic, or find a popular video on Youtube from an authority figure, or an expert in your niche, so you’re looking for videos that have a lots of page views, lots of comments, very popular videos and infographics that will be of interest to your audience, and that are from an expert figure in your niche.

So you just embed this content on your blog, and you react to it. It’s so easy to do, and the content has already been proven. You already know it’s popular because of the high number of page views. And you already know the content is good because it’s popular.

So you just embed the video into your post and react to it. It doesn’t have to be video, you can use infographics, slideshares, audio, and the people who own these videos and other embedded content will be very happy to know you’re sharing their content.

They specifically allow videos and other embedded content to be shared in this way, that’s why the creators allow it to be embedded. So use content that has already gone viral. It’s a really easy post type, it’s a fast post type and it’s an effective post type.

You’ll get lots of traffic from these types of blog posts. And the creators want you to share their content, they actively encourage you to share it because it’s good for them, and it’s good for you.

Vital Stats Post Next we’ve got the ‘vital stats post’. And this is a curated list of stats ok. People love stats, it gives them confidence in things, it gives them reassurance and it lets them feel educated about something.

Curate a bunch of stats around a your topic, pull stats from a range of sources and list them on a blog post. This is a great type of post to outsource to someone else because there’s a bit of research involved, so get them to find all the good stats and pull it together for you to present and frame in your unique voice.

And don’t forget to link to the source of the information too. You see, with this post type you’re likely to pick up a lot of links, and a lot of people will want to use your research. Presenting the information in charts and graphs is also a great way to explain the research, it makes it easy for people to understand and share.

Authority Interview

Next we have the ‘authority interview’ which is another type of blog post that can draw huge amounts of traffic to your site, and you can borrow the credibility, the celebrity, the authority of people through one of these.

And you might be surprised by who’s willing to do an interview with you. I’ll give you an example, a few years ago I read a book which I absolutely loved and found really interesting, it had nothing to do with marketing it was actually about politics and I had questions about the book.

There were things that I wanted to know, and I realized that because I have questions then other people reading this book might have the same questions too. So I reached out to the author and I asked if I could interview him on one of my websites, and he agreed. Now chances are you’ve never heard of him, but you might have heard of one of his books – because it was actually made into a massive Hollywood movie.

You’ve probably heard of a movie called ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’, right? It was huge, it had George Clooney in it and it had Ewan McGregor in it too, and probably some other big A-list Hollywood stars.

So the guy who wrote that agreed to do an interview on my blog and we got huge amounts of traffic from that. Another example ok, have you heard of a movie called Fight Club? Well the guy who wrote that was very open to being interviewed by my site, now there’s a whole backstory about that and I won’t bore you with it here, but I screwed things up and made a mess of it. But even through messing things up, I got some pretty cool results.

Also, around once a month we have movie studios ASKING US to interview their talent, to help promote their movies.

They send us lots of free swag, and recently we were invited to interview Jean-Claude Van Damme, but the numbers didn’t work for us. But it’s still nice to be asked, right? So the interview post type can lead to some interesting places. 

The Easy Way To Make Viral Content [Guide #1]

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So today is all about blog posts, and how to generate fresh ideas for content that people will love to share.

Because I know what it’s like when you’re waiting around for traffic to show up on your blog, or when you’re waiting for inspiration to strike and nothing happens, it can make you feel really unproductive, maybe it can make you feel like a failure and it’s also frustrating, right?

Sometimes it can feel easier to just call it a day and stop blogging, well I’m here to show you why you shouldn’t give up and to give you some motivation and new ideas that might help you to overcome those periods of doubt, which we all have and it’s perfectly normal.

So I’m going to show you how to make brilliant content that draws people to your website.

Now, you can get some awesome results with this, and I’ve been using this approach to create viral content for a long time. In fact, I’ll show you an example. Ok, before I show you this, remember that the niche doesn’t matter because you can use this for any kind of blog.

Me personally, I’ve used this to drive traffic in a few different ways and I’m going to show you a couple of examples. And the examples I’m going to show you are the most basic kind of blog posts too, there’s nothing special about these ones, not even any images are being used, no video, nothing fancy.

So I’ll show you the most basic type of blog post and then I’ll give you some ideas to make your ones a lot more interesting. Let’s start with this article, this is one which is about Google Profiles and how they can be useful to businesses.

There’s nothing fancy about this, nothing particularly groundbreaking about it, it’s just a useful piece of content that gives help and advice. And as you can see, we’ve got around a million views on this post, and hundreds of comments.

We actually had to turn off the comments off on this because the amount of moderation was just crazy, and too much work. But that’s a great problem to have, right? So as you can see, this is a pretty ordinary blog post that anyone can write. There’s really nothing special here.

Right, let’s have a look at another example, this blog post is different to the last one because it’s a completely different topic – so this stuff can work for almost any niche. And here we can see again that we’ve got around a million page views and almost a thousand comments. Again, we had to turn off the comments for a while until things settled down.

These results aren’t too shabby, right? Well, let me show you how this can work even with highly controversial topics, so look at this one. This blog post is about conspiracies, it’s gained over two million views and over a thousand comments.

As usual, we turn off the comments when they become too many to handle. And in fact, this post is less than a hundred words in length. So it’s not some piece of epic content that took hours to write.

My Freelancing Experience

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I've been at this for a fair while, and this is some of the wisdom that I've been told or learned, often the hard way.
The typical full-time employee costs a company 2-3 times their nominal salary
Use this as a basis for deciding your rate. $90/hr might sound like an expensive replacement for an employee getting paid $30/hr, but that $90 is the total cost, and stops immediately when the project ends.
A client asking for 6+ hours in a day will cost you 8 hours
You will achieve nothing useful (read: billable) in the remaining 2 hours. They've taken your whole day, but only paid for 3/4 of it. Charge a day rate instead in those situations.
Make time for downtime
Burnout is real, and it sucks. If you burn out, you'll lose weeks (even months) of work, so it's better to plan for time off instead. Try to build "annual leave" into your rates.
You're a business, not an employee
Some negotiation is fine, but ultimately you're engaging in a business transaction, so the client doesn't get to dictate working hours, rates, etc. They can suggest or request them, but ultimately you get to decide when and under what conditions you work. Which leads to...
Unreasonable requests deserve unreasonable rates
For me, "emergency"/"urgent"/"rush" work adds 30% to my applicable rate, with a minimum of 2 hours billed. If I have to drop my current project to "urgently" add a line of text to your website, you're paying me minimum for the two hours of lost productivity and delay on that other project. I find that if it really is an emergency, clients will happily pay, and if not, they'll prefer to schedule it in like any other change.
Set business hours, and stick to them
I work pretty sporadically through the day, and in the evening, but as far as my clients are concerned, business hours are 9-5, Tuesday-Friday. Any requests to work outside of those hours gets met with a 30% increase in rate. Note that this also stacks with the emergency rate (midnight emergencies will cost a minimum of 2 hours at 160%, even if it takes me 15 minutes). If I choose to work outside of these hours, I'll still charge my standard rate, but explicit requests will hit the higher rate.
Be upfront, honest, and candid
The worst time for a client to hear about problems with the project is the day before (or after) it's due. If you encounter problems, talk to them early and manage expectations. Maybe the feature you're stuck on isn't actually important enough to delay the project, or maybe the delay is simply communication issues. Either way, talking to your client earlier is always better than later. Often they're understanding, and will approve a minor adjustment to the timeline.
Hungry doesn't mean desperate
Don't bother chasing contracts that look like they're going to be trouble. All you'll do is spend valuable time on heartache and frustration. It doesn't matter if you're on your last dollar (and you shouldn't be, if you're charging right, but still), "no client" is better than a "bad client", because a bad client costs you more than doing nothing.
If you can't do it, somebody else will
If you can't fulfill a request from a client, you can support your freelance community by helping the client to find the person who can, or better yet subcontracting them yourself. Again, be sure to manage your clients expectations, but trying to take on work that you're unqualified for is a fools errand, while being open about it with the client breeds respect and good will.
Your project is infinitely more important to you than your client
This takes a little bit to really sink in, but ultimately this: every business owner is primarily focused on running their business as it is right now. For you, your business entails that project, so it's your primary focus. For the client, it's selling widgets, or booking llamas, or teaching sign language to squids. Whatever their business is, your project is not it. This is why clients sometimes seem disinterested, or take two weeks to respond on something that you think requires urgent attention. They're busy running their business, and you're just a risky expense. The only time when the client cares more than you is when they're losing money because of a problem with the project.

I'm sure that I could spend hours more dispensing my version of wisdom, but I hope that this at least gives you something to think about.